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Vision, strategy, execution

This is the internet site of cambriano energia, the home of Pervasive Risk Awareness, the multi-layered integrated framework for multi-dimensional, continuous and correlated risk reporting and management.

The aim of cambriano energía is to become a thought leader, game changer, catalyst of reinvention, consolidator of competence, architect of success, creator of actionable strategies, and honest, frank and trustworthy associate. As part of the strategy to achieve our aims through your success, we will be offering management and business consulting services with the intention of grabbing attention, inciting thought and of provoking constructive change. In essence, of employing the full dynamics of intelligence, information and empathy in driving coherent strategies, actionable plans and desired outcomes.

Consulting portfolio

On this web site you will find information on cambriano's consulting portfolio.

What we can do for you

  • Provide knowledge and expertise to help you devise a comprehensive Information Management strategy.
  • Design an Information Management business process and infrastructure to align with your business strategy and existing IT landscape.
  • Provide senior project management expertise for Data Warehousing, Decision Support, Business Intelligence, Data Integration, Master Data Management, Enterprise Performance Management, Business Reporting, Fund Management, Trading & Custody, and Risk Reporting and Management projects and programmes.
  • Provide expertise, knowledge and guidance in the preparation of strategic IT plans.
  • Providing knowledge and guidance in the use and customisation of the Pervasive Risk Awareness Framework.